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Three Early Lessons on Direct Sales from the Founder of Dell Technologies – Michael Dell

Like a lot of American kids in the early 1980s – Michael started selling subscriptions to a local newspaper. While selling he discovered: #1 Pick up your prospects’ tone: If you sounded like the people you were trying to sell a subscription to, they were much more likely to buy from you. He would talk…
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Lessons from B2B Founders on Selling to the US

Lessons from B2B Founders on selling to the US: 🛫 Every Venture Capitalist/Angel Investor/Wellwisher worth their salt will sooner rather than later ask: ‘When are you going to the US market?’ – Have a well-thought-out reason or ‘Why not?’ and if you can’t find the reason – have a plan. 😔 Selling to the USA…
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Six social selling truths you should know!

We are all in Inside Sales today. How do you succeed in selling now? 1) Understand the new age conferences & VIP rooms where buyers are talking- Linkedin, private Whatsapp groups & G2/Capterras 2) Are your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp Business profile & company Pictures professionals? Elevate your brand so buyers can find you.…
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