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8 Tips to Keep Your Sanity and Thrive in 2024

With 2024 starting, anticipations are running high. Here are 8 tips to keep your sanity and grow your business and career in 2024: Embrace the challenges of 2024 as opportunities to adapt, grow, and emerge stronger. Remember, the future belongs to those who keep flying, not those who wait for the storm to pass.

Three Early Lessons on Direct Sales from the Founder of Dell Technologies – Michael Dell

Like a lot of American kids in the early 1980s – Michael started selling subscriptions to a local newspaper. While selling he discovered: #1 Pick up your prospects’ tone: If you sounded like the people you were trying to sell a subscription to, they were much more likely to buy from you. He would talk…
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Why should sales leaders stop searching for ‘fire in the belly salespersons’?

Every sales leader loves looking for that ‘fire in the belly salespersons’ (FIBS). Unfortunately, FIBS is often a lazy substitute for not building a great product that is differentiated well, marketed well but to be magically sold so well that it rakes in all the revenues in spite of the product-market mismatch or past ku-karma.…
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Inspiring sales & life lessons from Air Deccan’s Mr. G.R. Gopinath

In the early days, Mr. Gopinath was a successful agriculturist. And he decided to move into micro-irrigation turnkey consulting. This is what he had to say: “For 2 years, I loaded all the agri-equipment that I set out to market in the car boot and hit the road. While on these forays, I combined the…
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