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A CEO plan for coronavirus

Article by: Tom Holland, Simon Henderson, David Schannon and Hernan Saenz(Bain and Company)

It’s hard to step back right now, but as a CEO, carve out time to think about what the future will look like, how employees and customers will be changed by this crisis. Here is the plan for a CEO

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Leading Sales Teams through Adversity

Post by: Max Altschuler, Outreach

Conversation with Ben Dietz, President of Mintel Americas at Mintel, where he talks about how sales teams can survive the impact of the pandemic and move forward.

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Top 3 Pandemic-Driven Priorities for Sales Leaders

Article by: Kelly Blum(Gartner)

The planning and execution decisions CSOs make today will help the sales organisation to weather the crisis as it unfolds — and position sales well for the recovery phase when it comes. Here are 3 priorities Sales leaders should focus on.

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A Coronavirus action plan for B2B sales

Article by: Mark KovacJaime CleghornTom WhiteleyWade Cruse, (Bain and Company)

An infographic – Corona Action Plan for B2B sales. How to secure revenue, deliver value, leverage tech and more…

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How to really sell from home

Article by: Salesforce

How does one sell from home? From how will I meet my sales quota to how do I keep my deals moving – here are answers to10 most common questions which are top of the mind for sales people around the world.

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How to create remarkable emails

Article by: Guy Kawasaki(Canva)

At a time when face to face is not possible, emails are getting a lot of relevance. Guy Kawasaki shares some tips on emails that deliver results

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Numbers down? 3 steps to deal with stress in sales during the COVID-19 crisis

Article by: Steli Efti (Close)

Stress management tips for sales people

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Support your customers

Article by: John Gunderson(Modern Distribution Management)

Traditional salespeople whose routine majorly consisted of meeting prospects may find it hard to cope with the current situation. This article talks about how they can continue engaging with their customers and its importance.

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Short-Term Revenue Strategies for Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Navigating COVID-19

Article by: Roxanne Voidonicolas (Shopify)

If you are a brick-and-mortar retailer- how do you make up for your lost in-store revenue or boost your online sales or inject some cash flow into your business? Here are some strategies.

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How to Help Your Ecommerce Business Thrive During 2020

Article by: Lori Appleman (Redline Minds)

Are you an e-commerce business looking for tips to help your business thrive during COVID-19?

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