Digital Only Sales Funnel

What is a Digital Only Sales Funnel?

We define Digital Only Sales Funnel (DOSF) as a mix of ideology, techniques, and a set of carefully selected third-party tools that allow you to quickly build a sales funnel without any face-to-face / telephonic meeting requirements.

DOSF, finding its foundation in ‘intent’ & ‘thought leadership’ can reduce the friction between you and your prospects at multiple touchpoints.
However, it doesn’t make the hard work less!
You still have to do the Go To Market, Product-Market fitment, Competitive Analysis, Value Proposition, Buyer Journey mapping & Messaging besides the Content Marketing, Social Selling, & Google Ads & developing thousand other checklists, methods & strategies.
It’s just that by using the ideology, techniques, & tools your deals close faster & with more certainty- eliminating the blindspots & the guesswork from the sales pipeline in an environment where you are not meeting the customer.

DOSF helps you shorten your sales cycle – wherein by capturing intent & intelligence data – in a buyer-first GDPR compliant way right through the funnel – you get a realistic assessment of the state of your funnel.
So, no more spraying and praying!

To make DOSF work, we have a series of offerings:
1. Introduction & training on the ideology of DOSF and harnessing the power of social media
2. Rigorous research-based account & sales intelligence using Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
3. Creating & curating content across sales stages in sync with the customer journey
4. Highly personalised prospect messaging
5. Sales engagement through a thought leadership content- ‘always-be-helping’ approach
6. Sales training & mentoring based on the DOSF process + hundreds of practicable sales tools

What is the need for a DOSF now?

Sales has changed drastically. First, GDPR & now COVID, have turned selling around its head.

Digital & social sales is a necessity, not a luxury. Chances are high that tools are used to block your telecalls, your emails land in the junk folder – and even if you get through, your messages are falling flat.

You need a DOSF now!

Why LeadStrategus?

The cacophony of noise around sales & marketing best practices has reached a crescendo.
In this environment, you will need an honest partner who is highly trustworthy & experienced- who has worked with your kind of use cases & with your kind of problems.

1. We have harnessed the power of DOSF for Fortune 500 companies, nimble born-in-the-cloud startups, forward-thinking firms across India, ASEAN, China, & North America since the pre-Covid era.
2. Our strong culture of being buyer-first in everything has led us to build, operate & transfer successfully running Digital Only Sales Funnel models producing high-quality leads.
3. We have an ideology, a methodology, & a war-chest of battle-tested freemium SAAS tools that we can deploy for you to deliver Digital Only Sales Funnel to you very fast.

Want to explore how you can get started? Have any questions? Ready to have your own Digital Only Sales Funnel? Let’s talk!

Post By: Kavitha Ashtakala

To us, Digital Only Sales Funnel(DOSF) is a combination of ideology, techniques and 3rd party sales tools that help move the sales funnel digitally.