What is a Digital Only Sales Funnel?

We define Digital Only Sales Funnel (DOSF) as a mix of ideology, techniques, and a set of carefully selected third-party tools that allow you to quickly build a sales funnel without any face-to-face / telephonic meeting requirements.

Mind you – DOSF doesn’t make the hard work less! You still have to do the Go To Market, Product-Market fitment, Value Proposition, Buyer Journey mapping & Messaging besides the Content Marketing, Social Selling, & Google Ads & thousand other checklists & processes brilliant. It’s just that by using the ideology, techniques, & tools its possible to close deals – without meeting customers or indulging the guesswork we all do about your pipeline when we don’t know whether our emails to prospects/’commits’ have disappeared in a black hole or heaven’s door!

DOSF helps you shorten your sales cycle – wherein by capturing intent & intelligence data – in a buyer-first GDPR compliant way right through the funnel – you get a realistic assessment of the state of your funnel.

Our services include:

  • Introduction & training on the ideology of DOSF and harnessing the power of LinkedIn
  • Techniques of understanding the buyer
  • Research based lead generation
  • Content creation
  • Sales intelligence gathering
  • Sales engagement
  • Sales training  & coaching on using sales tools

What is the need for a DOSF now?

Until the COVID-19 lockdown happened, digital channels in your marketing and sales efforts were necessary but not sufficient.

How things change! Today, the landscape has changed. In the digital age, and especially at a time like this when face-to-face interactions simply aren’t possible, chance are high that Tele might not get through, & email blockers are working at full-speed – you need to make the most out of your digital channels. You needed the digital only sales funnel yesterday.

What if you still don’t have the digital funnel?

You need to do the next best thing – build them now!

Why LeadStrategus?

There are 7000+ pieces of marketing-tech & 1000+ pieces of sales-tech out there. The tools are all good servants but poor masters – unlike what their peddlers claim!

And there is a huge amount of differing ideology & techniques besides the variety of tools that are out there.

At LeadStrategus we understand the importance of Digital Only Sales Funnel and have been experimenting with it for quite some time. We have a strong ideology of being buyer-first in everything; we have a collection of techniques & processes well-honed with experience, & have been one of the pioneers in the world in working with Social Selling – an important component of DOSF.

We have an ideology, a methodology, & a war-chest of battle-tested freemium SAAS tools that we can deploy for you that can deliver Digital Only Sales Funnel to you very fast.

Have any questions? Ready to get started? Let’s talk!

Post By: Kavitha Ashtakala

To us, Digital Only Sales Funnel(DOSF) is a combination of ideology, techniques and 3rd party sales tools that help move the sales funnel digitally.