Digital Only Sales Funnel

Digital Only Sales Funnel

Digital Only Sales Funnel:

To us, Digital Only Sales Funnel(DOSF) is a combination of ideology, techniques and 3rd party sales tools that help move the sales funnel digitally.


Today, the need to build all elements of Research, Discovery, Pipeline build & acceleration digitally is the need of the hour. If you have lived in the world of inbound marketing and have shied away from outbound marketing, now is the time to go all out- you don’t want to be left behind!

What do you do? Get on social media-LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Quora, continue to find and reach out to your  economic buyer!

With privacy laws getting tighter, the traditional email route is losing steam. Social media reach-outs are today’s golden arrow- use it before it too becomes passe.

Let’s take LinkedIn for instance- take advantage of  6X Power of LinkedIn while you can:

  • Discover & connect with people
  • Get a contacts database free of cost
  • Instant real-time messaging
  • Publish your articles & documents
  • Get market insights & 
  • CRM +Automation

All this is great, but how do you generate leads through LinkedIn and what’s the best way to do it?

Here is a LinkedIn – LeadStrategus Framework which is our Holy Grail for LinkedIn.

Superpower = ABM +Social Selling



  • Understanding the buyer:

Immerse yourself in your prospect- don’t just understand your buyer. Go one level below- dig deep and understand your buyer’s buyer. Making time to know, research & talk about your prospect’s prospects & their pain points in today’s work is the only way you can get to their (prospect’s) mindshare!

  • Research-based lead generation:

Do lead generation scientifically through targeted research- right from choosing your prospect of buying signals to getting a meeting to closure.

  • Getting a  virtual meeting:

If you were an ISE, what would you do to get an appointment with a CXO?

The power of personalised messages is immense. Here are some levels of messages which you would want to consider using for LinkedIn::

  1. Connection invite message
  2. Thanks for connecting message
  3. Sending external assets which are of use to the  CXO and would help solve a problem for him
  4. Slowly veer the prospect to your company assets 
  5. Ask for a virtual meeting
  • Content:

Content is a powerful force multiplier- content is the Ace, King, Queen & Jack today!

While digital marketing is becoming more important- content is the key!

Write original content which your prospect will connect to, which will address and solve his pain points. If you are using third-party content- don’t forget to give due credit.

Writing good content is the toughest part of digital marketing- but in today’s world where content is being consumed faster than its being produced, the one with good content has a competitive edge!

Elements of Digital Only Sales Funnel & Sales Tools:

The Sales funnel comprises of the following major elements :

Sales Intelligence- gathering data & information

Sales Engagement- engaging with the customer with the right message at the right time and through the right channel.

Sales Enablement-  getting the right people 

Sales training & Sales Coaching – developing the sales team

Sales Operations – day-to-day operations involving sales

Sales Closure/prospecting- revenue generation


Sales Tools:

Earlier these elements were done manually with minimal digital intervention. Today, with the plethora of technology, tools & software available for each of these elements – salespeople are at their wits end with which ones to choose from – that which would suit them best. 

Here is a visual representation of the most common tools used & our favourites:


You can create your own sales stack depending on your industry-B2B/B2C, the buying cycle, the reach/the sales you want to achieve and your budgets-choose what works for your company!

Creating your DOSF is no longer an option, but a norm to sail through these unchartered waters and reach the shore.

Don’t know where to start- give us a shout………

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