What is webinar-as-a-service?

Webinar-as-a-service allows you to host a webinar in a topic & for an audience of your choice without worrying about any of the logistics. We take care of all the responsibilities of running a webinar for you. Here we will do:

  • The audience acquisition,
  • The content creation (even speaker acquisition – should you need external speakers),
  • Webinar logistics, &
  • Post-event database & messaging

In fact, webinars give more organized control to speakers and make an interactive experience for webinars – do Q&A, conduct quizzes & polls and much more.

Why webinars-as-a-service now?

In the shadow of COVID-19- with practically every event getting canceled, all your decision-makers working from home, digital is the only channel left to reach out or communicate with prospects/customers.

Now getting the audience/managing the webinar logistics is a challenge – we take care of all the logistics & can quickly do this for you in a heartbeat.



Presentation & speaker notes (if needed).
Poll Questions.
Sending Invites.
Topics covered in timeline sequence and Key takeaways.
Volunteer and conduct webinars.


Sending out resources to the audience (if requested).
Summarizing the webinar to text.
Editing the webinar (if needed) and uploading.
Webinar reports: Number of people attended, their LinkedIn profile, if any question asked & if so then what question,…..
IF NEEDED: May repurpose to Podcast and entry to premium WhatsApp group.

Why LeadStrategus?

We bring some unique advantages in doing webinars:

  • We have been curating & creating everything from 100+ pax events to intimate CEO roundtables – both in the physical & digital worlds – using our LinkedIn connects & messaging; our know-how of content & audience preference; & our personal connections.
  • We have been experimenting with all the top webinar platforms & know their intricacies, strengths & weaknesses
  • We have been doing webinars & events right since we started out. Our founders have been involved in doing large scale events & webinars & tweet-chats for companies like SAP, AWS, Pluralsight.

Thinking of how to do high-quality webinar quickly & don’t know where to start? Get in touch for a no-obligation consultation!