Social Selling

Social selling

This term is doing the rounds in sales and marketing circles. Does it mean selling in your social network? What is it exactly?

What is Social selling?

Social selling is developing business relationships with customers through social media channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. A typical cycle for Social Selling to yield results ranges from 3- 6-12 months depending on the industry. The trick is in doing it right by building virtual long-lasting relationships. So if you are in sales for the long haul, Social Selling is for you!

Why LeadStrategus?

LeadStrategus has expertise in Social Selling across Healthcare, Document software, software testing, and media.  

We approach Social Selling in a scientific manner right from identifying companies to prospects through our research. We then engage, enchant, create mindshare and finally set up meetings for our customers with their prospects.

Proof is in the pudding:

Take the case of an IT software customer for whom we set up meetings in industries ranging from hospitality to healthcare to personal care or another IT customer for whom we opened doors to  scores of product companies.

How we do it?

Here are a few steps on how we do Social Selling for our customers:

  1. Research and build a database of companies
  2. Research and build a database of prospects
  3. Send highly personalized messages
  4. Get their mindshare by liking, commenting and sharing the prospects’ posts before connecting
  5. Send relevant thought leadership content
  6. Engage consistently through likes, comments, and shares.
  7. Set up meetings telephonically or face-to-face meetings

Social Selling is the hottest sales prospecting method available today. Don’t know how long it will last – you don’t want to miss the bus! Hop on, give us a shout, drop us a note. We’ll love to take you on the ride!

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