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Marketing in Times of Uncertainty: Tips From Top Marketing Pros

Article by: Lisa D. Jenkins

Here is marketing do’s and don’ts during a crisis.

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What Covid-19 Crisis taught me as a B2B Marketer

Article by: Rajesh Kumar (UI Path)

Adapting to responsibilities towards your stakeholders during a crisis

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7 Strategies for B2B Marketing during a Recession: The Definitive Guide

Article by: Jon Miller (Engagio)

Strategies for B2B marketing during a slowdown

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Crisis marketing: How brands are addressing the coronavirus

Article by: Abby LoarKristen Shipley (Google)

Brands like McDonald’s and Ikea are reinventing themselves and innovating.to stay relevant during the new normal.

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4 Tips to Build a Strong SEO Program During COVID-19

Article by: Loren Baker (Search Engine Journal)

At a time like this when there is a propensity to consume more content, getting your SEO right for the content created is crucial so it can reach the right people.

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Preparing your marketing plans for the Coronavirus downturn

Article by: Susan Hallam (The Drum)

Digital marketing strategies in times of crisis

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Digital marketing opportunities and challenges in the crisis

Article by: Alberto Alvarez (Latam Digital Marketing)

Digital marketing tips & opportunities in digital marketing

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10 Digital Marketing Ideas to Consider During the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Article by: Brandon George (Thriveagency)

If You Cut Less During Down Times You’ll Gain More in Better Times

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Five Books Every CX Leader Should Read in this Time of Social Distancing

Article by: Chad Meley (Teradata)

5 must-reads for a CX leader in times of crisis to drive business outcomes

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How To Elevate The Customer Experience Of Digital Stores Amid The Coronavirus Crisis

Article by: Wilson Zhao (Gartner)

Enhancing Customer experience & digital storefront experience for online stores

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10 Creative Customer Experience Ideas For Social Distancing

Article by: Blake Morgan (Blake Morgan)

Real-life creative customer experience ideas

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Adapting customer experience in the time of coronavirus

Article by: Rachel DiebnerElizabeth SillimanKelly UngermanMaxence Vancauwenberghe (McKinsey)

Customer experience practices & reimagine CX for a crisis & post-COVID-19 world

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Four Steps To Re-Think Customer Experience In The Coronavirus Crisis

Article by: Stephen Wunker (New Markets Advisors)

Designing experiences for the coronavirus world

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Consumers ‘pay more attention’ to ads next to coronavirus news content

Article by: Ellen Hammett (Marketing Week)

What ads are consumers paying attention to?

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Advertising Vs Coronavirus: Part One – Ad Tech

Article by: Exchange Wire

Industry experts on how the advertising sector can successfully adapt during such unprecedented times

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Brand Marketing Through the Coronavirus Crisis

Article by: Janet Balis (EY)

With so much changing so fast during this difficult time, here are 5 actions brands can take to serve and grow their customer base, mitigate risk, and take care of their people.

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Inside Google Marketing: 5 principles guiding our media teams in the wake of the crisis

Article by: Joshua Spanier (Google)

How do you alter your media campaigns in these uncertain times? Here are 5 principles that Google follows.

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Effective, and Noneffective, Ads During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Article by: eMarketer Editors

Advertising during a pandemic- what consumers expect, and don’t expect

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How the coronavirus is changing the influencer business, according to marketers and top Instagram and YouTube creators

Article by: Dan WhateleyAmanda Pereli (Business Insider)

Influencer marketing has changed significantly in wake of the current situation. This article talks about how strategies are changing.

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Analytics During Coronavirus: 10 Helpful Strategies for Marketers

Article by: Reese McGillie (tinuiti)

10 helpful Analytics strategies to help you stay on top of unpredictable performance trends as you navigate the impacts of Coronavirus.

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Content Marketing Strategy During the Coronavirus

Article by: Vince Nero (Siege Media)

Tips on how to improve your content marketing strategies during a pandemic

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Adapting performance marketing strategies to the corona crisis: What the experts recommend

Article by: Fleur Förster (DMEXCO)

Tips from Performance Marketing experts on managing Corona

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How to Approach Content Marketing After the Coronavirus and Deliver Dynamic Campaigns

Article by: Skyword

Key areas to focus on as you adapt your marketing processes, customer relationships, content creation, and team operations

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What should businesses focus on while facing a black swan pandemic like the one we are in?

Post by: Kingshuk Hazra (Founder Leadstrategus)

While doing marketing a big chunk of focus is crisis communication. Don’t do anything that shows that you are trying to profit from the situation / trying to be too smart. Here are a few tips for you.

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Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Consumer Behaviour

Video by: Gitanjali Ghate & Jasmeet Kaur Srivastava

The changing consumer behaviour during COVID-19 and what brands are doing to cater to them.

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AI And Account Based Marketing In A Time Of Disruption

Article by: Paul Talbot (Southport Harbor LLC)

AI & Account Based Marketing

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20 Expert WFH Tips for Marketers in the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Outbreak

Article by: Merilyn Pereira (Spiceworks Ziff Davis)

Valuable Insights by 20 Experts-CMOs, founders, leaders, and industry experts on Remote Working for Sales and Marketing Teams

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Should You be Using the Coronavirus in Your Marketing?

Article by: Richard Liu (yought)

If you are trying to market your product/service at a time like this, should you use the coronavirus crisis to spread the message? This is a grey area that can cause a lot of confusion – thankfully this article can help clear the air around it

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Should Your Free Edition Be Even Free-er Now?

Article by: Jason M. Lemkin (SaaStr)

SAAS Sellers-Should you be giving freebies? Read about what Zoom & Slack have done.

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Why is every company on earth emailing us about the crisis?

Post by: Mae Rice (Built In)

Brands don’t want to look like they’re ignoring coronavirus, or attempting to cash in on it- here is the new Digital Marketing Landscape.

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Marketing Right Now Is hard.

Post by: Rand Fishkin (SparkToro)

What are the 3 big waves of shifting activity that Marketers should expect now, during the transition and in the new normal?

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Making The Most Of Your Marketing Team During Crisis.

Article by: Christine Moorman, Journal of Marketing

During a crisis, there is bound to be disruption- time to rethink how you manage your marketing team. Some are in crisis mode and others are in a wait-and-watch mode.

Here are 10 tips to make the most of your marketing teams during such times.

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Gartner Says CMOs Should Take Four Immediate Actions to Prepare for Crisis-Related Issues

Article by: Kelly Blum (Gartner)

What actions must CMOs & marketers take to better prepare their organizations for disruptions? What is needed- a proactive or a reactive approach? Here are Gartner’s 4 must-do actions

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How Will Marketing Strategies Evolve in Times of Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Article by: Vandita Grover

How should marketers devise new strategies to stay in tune with the customer in these changed times?

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SEO & COVID-19: How to Rank for Questions People Will Ask

Article by: Jessica Foster (Keys&Copy SEO Copywriting)

How you can adapt your SEO strategy to rank for COVID-19-related questions to provide information to your audience and even increase your brand’s online visibility.

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Managing Through Crisis: How To Market During COVID-19

Video by: Professor Jill Avery and CEO of Edelman CEO Richard Edelman (HBS/ Edelman)

What consumers want from brands during the pandemic and what marketers can do to successfully connect and educate customers.

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Double Down on Empathy! 5 Tips for CX Success in Times of Crisis

Article by: Nancy Porte (Verint)

Empathy to improve your CX during a crisis

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