What is Pitch-Deck?

Did you know that the most successful Pitch Deck isn’t the one that has the most researched statistics or overly complicated information crammed into a handful of slides?
The best Pitch Decks are often the ones that tell the audience a story – who you are, why you do what you do & why should the audience care. They narrate a powerful story.
Just look at the pitch decks by Zuora, Drift, Uber for Business…
Zuora, Drift, Uber managed to convey their story in a manner that grasps your attention and makes an impact.
We at LeadStrategus understand the importance of a good quality Pitch Deck that meets your goals and drives your narrative forward.

Why Pitch-Deck now?

Your prospects are probably used to looking at hundreds of decks. You need something different in your story, narrative, visual & aural elements that garners their attention in a crowded marketplace. Something that makes your customers stand up and listen about the product/service that you have to offer. Today,merely saying your product is better or giving a competitor comparison is not enough, that’s what your competitor is also doing! Customers have short attention spans. If your story narrative is not well thought out, the flow and sequence is not in order, he/she will lose interest in no time.


Your pitch deck is the sharpest tool in your inventory during your early Go To Market. You need to get it right so that you have a great shot at making a lasting impression.

Why LeadStrategus?

Our team has collectively 40 years of experience looking at & crafting pitch decks. We bring in a mix of storytelling, sales, strategy, marketing, consulting, research, customer success, presentation & UX worldviews in crafting that pitch-perfect deck.

As a sales & marketing consulting firm, we offer Go To Market consulting, Sales Enablement, Digital only Sales Funnel & Demand Generation – which all the more inspires & nudges us to weave your company’s narrative into the large purpose of Sales & Marketing.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with LeadStrategus today and let us start the first chapter in your company’s story……….