Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing

The ABCs of B2B marketing- oops! did we say- ABC? Yes- the ABC of B2B marketing is ABM- Account Based Marketing.

What is ABM?

Do you spend a lot of time working on getting potential customers who never actually generate any revenue?  B2B marketers often make this mistake of throwing a wide net in the ocean of companies and hope that some may take the bait someday. Sounds like shooting in the dark? Literally!

Account based marketing or ABM  is a golden arrow for B2B marketers that focuses on specific accounts that could actually turn into customers.

Why LeadStrategus?

At LeadStrategus, we approach ABM in a very scientific manner and then add the human element to it. We identify accounts that matter to the customer through our in-depth research and customer inputs, build a pipeline for the customer and add a dash of personalisation with thought leadership content and reach out to them through social media channels. It’s science with a human touch!

Proof is in the pudding:

Take the case of a healthcare customer that we did ABM for.  We opened up a tough and totally new geo.for him. We also developed relationships over social media with CXOs of large hospitals. When he physically met them, it was as though they had known each other for years!

We love it when we see the fruits of our labor put a smile on our customers and add to their growth!

Here are some steps that we follow in ABM:

  1. Research  prospect companies
  2. Reach out to the most prospective companies
  3. Engage with prospects
  4. Send personalised thought leadership messages
  5. Co-ordinate event invites and meetings
  6. Marry the offline with the online 

ABM gives you better ROI for your sales and  marketing efforts, helps reduce resource wastage and is measurable. What to give it a shot?  Drop us a note and we will be happy to show you how!

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