How Smart Salespeople Guide Clients Through the Information Overload?

Gone are the days of visiting B2B customers at their factory, regaling them with industry gossip, guiding them on how to catch the attention of the MD, and then getting them to listen to the sales pitch. Try doing that today, and 99% of the time, they will be quick to show the ‘virtual’ door!…
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8 Tips to Keep Your Sanity and Thrive in 2024

With 2024 starting, anticipations are running high. Here are 8 tips to keep your sanity and grow your business and career in 2024: Embrace the challenges of 2024 as opportunities to adapt, grow, and emerge stronger. Remember, the future belongs to those who keep flying, not those who wait for the storm to pass.

6 Tips on How to Crack the Enterprise Code for Startup Sales Success

Selling to enterprises demands patience, strategy, and a whole lot of finesse. So, if your startup dreams hinge on those big, blue-chip logos, here are 6 tips to navigate the corporate labyrinth and land the deal: Selling to giants requires patience, strategy, and a dash of daring. But with the right tools, navigating the corporate…
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5 Tips for Generating the Maximum Leads from Tradeshow Events

Making connections at tradeshows can be intense, with everyone trying to reach the same VIPs. Here are 5 tips to score big at a tradeshow. 1. VIP target practice:Try to get the attendee list – any way possible! Then, pick high-value targets – the VIPs and the Very Important Top Officers. Knowing who to chase…
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Candid Look at Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance

More than 98% of entrepreneurs fail – yet the media is only obsessed with those 2% who succeed. What about those who didn’t make it? Here are some invaluable lessons on personal finance for aspiring entrepreneurs: 1. Find your IkigaiWhen the business is built around one’s passion, the journey becomes enjoyable, and the challenges invigorating.…
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