How Smart Salespeople Guide Clients Through the Information Overload?

How Smart Salespeople Guide Clients Through the Information Overload?

Gone are the days of visiting B2B customers at their factory, regaling them with industry gossip, guiding them on how to catch the attention of the MD, and then getting them to listen to the sales pitch.

Try doing that today, and 99% of the time, they will be quick to show the ‘virtual’ door!

Why is it so?
The amount of high-quality buying information available to a B2B customer – from company websites, competitors, and trusted third-party websites – makes the pitch nearly redundant.

So how to fight back & win?
Turn this threat into an opportunity! Embrace it wholeheartedly. Become a trusted advisor, offering unbiased support regardless of the final sale. Act as a personal information decoder, helping customers make sense of the conflicting whispers and blaring sirens they encounter on their buying journey.

But, what about the execution? How must it be done?

1. Less is More: Ditch the 100MB deck and information bombardment. Deliver targeted information that answers specific questions at the right moment.

2. Prioritize Perspectives: Help customers navigate through conflicting viewpoints by quantifying trade-offs and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of each perspective.

3. Be a Socrates: Guide customers to build their decision-making framework. Resist the urge to tell clients what to think; empower them to think for themselves.

4. Confidence, Not Conversion: The end goal is to have the customer confident that they have made a high-quality low-regret decision.

The end result?
An empowered customer, free from information overload and ready to take decisive action with peace of mind. Embrace the information age, navigate the storm of data, and emerge as the hero the B2B world needs: The Sensemaking Salesperson.