3rd Party Event-Based Lead Generation

What is third-party event-based lead generation?

Trade show, conference, webinar, product launch, round table discussion, workshop—which was the last event that left you feeling disconnected despite its promise.?

Third-party event-based lead generation maximizes the result of your event participation. Regardless of your role at the event (as a delegate, a speaker, or a presenter at the booth), it helps you with: 

#1 a curated list of pre-engaged, high-profile prospects

#2 crafting compelling conversations

#3 research that piques prospects’ genuine interest in your offerings

#4 marketing assets that excite your audience

#5 navigating the dynamics of the event

Why third-party event-based lead generation?

Traditional networking often leaves us with limited time, information overload, and missed opportunities. We understand the power of in-person interaction, but we believe a strategic approach can maximize your event potential.

Third-party event-based lead generation brings precision in networking, establishes rapport with target attendees, makes sure that your interactions on-site are not just introductions but meaningful discussions, and brings the buzz that keeps your booth engaging enough.

Why LeadStrategus?

1. We provide 360-degree support across research (industry, target company, target prospect, your business cope), event logistics (event ideation, audience acquisition, reaching out, preparing speaking points, creating message sequences, event updates, collecting feedback from attendees, nurturing the prospects, and setting up meetings with prospects), and content (designing content strategies and developing them as per the stages—pre-event, during the event, and post-event).

2. We know optimizing third-party events works. We have done it effectively for our clients quite before the event’s scheduled kick-off and in the briefest of moments—all the time connecting our clients with strong prospects and opportunities in events like Dreamforce, Gartner Symposium, UiPath Forward, BSMA (Bio Supply Management Alliance), RICE (Retail Innovation Conference & Expo), etc.

3. We have the expertise and understand how different geographies and cultures behave. We have tried and tested thought leadership methodologies that can help you generate powerful leads through events.

event based lead generation by LeadStrategus