What is Database-As-A-Service?

The sales grind that every company is facing—sales reps hunched over screens, eyes glazing over from endless scrolling to find leads. Their tireless effort gets bogged down in chasing the (wrong) prospects. And yet another month, another missed quota—leads chased, deals lost, unmet goals!

But what if there was a better way? Your sales teams get out of the rat race with database-as-a-service. With this, you can equip your sales team with a curated list of high-quality, pre-qualified companies and individuals that perfectly match your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) based on key demographics like geography, industry, employee size, revenue range, and most importantly, buying intent (hiring intent, senior management change, finance triggers, technographic, current organizational structure, psychographic intent, etc).
The list also includes prospects’ names, designations, social media profiles, and contact details.

Why Database-As-A-Service now?

We have seen companies hiring large sales teams and reaching out to ∞ companies with generic pitches as part of their sales campaign. This, friends, is the definition of sales inefficiency.
So, how do you increase your chances of landing deals?
1. Prioritizing companies that have high chances of conversion.
2. Reaching out to companies that display an active interest in purchasing.
3. Crafting personalized messages that resonate and build deeper connections with your prospects based on the inside scoop from buying intent.

Why LeadStrategus?

1. We have a deep understanding of intent data, using which we have aligned outreach for startups & enterprise companies with accounts actively expressing buying interest.
2. We keep experimenting with SMarketing tools and are well-versed with sector-specific tools, targeting precise audiences for maximum impact. This means the database is custom-made for you & has real-time actionable insights with advanced filters based on your offerings.
3. With a five-year legacy of generating intent-based leads, our commitment to excellence has earned us the highest recognition—a coveted 5-star rating on Clutch.