Lessons from B2B Founders on Selling to the US

Lessons from B2B Founders on Selling to the US

B2B Founders on selling to the US

Lessons from B2B Founders on selling to the US:

🛫 Every Venture Capitalist/Angel Investor/Wellwisher worth their salt will sooner rather than later ask: ‘When are you going to the US market?’ – Have a well-thought-out reason or ‘Why not?’ and if you can’t find the reason – have a plan.

😔 Selling to the USA without a local physical presence (not just a Delaware ‘registered’ office) is very very difficult.

⛳ Physically being present there – as a founder & hustling is the best way to sell. The next best option is to find a good partner/local employee #1 there. Either way traveling there – very regularly is.

🎧There are some Indian founders who have built a 100-crore business without setting foot on the ground there – but they are either services or staff augmentation companies. In the world of SAAS, this miracle is yet to happen.

🌈 LinkedIn Account-Based Marketing:
Finding buyers with intent, wooing them, helping them and building a real relationship with them is the only way. But there are certain preconditions needed to make this work – local customers, good references, influencers influencing, some local PR & oodles of patience.

What are your learnings from selling in the US?