How can a CEO do Social Selling?

How can a CEO do Social Selling?

As a CEO, you may be missing out on a trick to use the #1 Salesperson you have access to. Who is this salesperson? It is you! How can you generate pipeline and awareness through Social Media for your company?

While the sample size was relatively small, the research done by LeadStrategus – (Disclosure – we do outsourced Social Selling for CEOs) shows that nothing energises the rank and file more or gets the Salespersons working on their LinkedIn – than having their CEO leading from the front on Social.

How does a CEO do Social Selling?

1. Do thought leadership from the front with well-written content that strikes a chord.

2. Open difficult to open doors building CEO to CEO connects as a part of smart ABM.

3. Read buying signals and get a leg up on the competition.

4. Send strategically crafted personalised messages to re-open clogged sales pipelines.

Yet it can go horribly wrong. Nothing’s more galling than a desperate CEO of a 100 person IT services firm sending unsolicited, copy-paste messages to his contacts begging for business.

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