How do you organise your marketing team for effectiveness?

How do you organise your marketing team for effectiveness?

What is the secret to prepare your marketing team for results?

As long as the cat (marketing) catches mice (build sales-pipe) for sales – in an era of shrinking budgets and agile organisations – nothing else matters. Having said that, results follow structure – and here are 3 principles to make your marketing team even more effective:

1. For a large organisation – say 10+ marketeers – some structure and functionally organised reporting into marketing is necessary – if not for anything else but HR, learning, bonding & career growth.

2. Some dotted line reporting (not full line) of some marketeers to sales head is absolutely necessary – irrespective of the company’s size.

3. If you have just 1 functional marketing guy – let’s say 1 content writer needing to write for different sales teams – and you get this person to report to a (or ‘the’) Sales head without any VP Marketing protection , that too is the kiss of death for effectiveness.

All in all – you need to give the marketing organisation some breathing room – they have to be a bit more long-term than sales – yet make them feel the pain of sales so that they are super-effective!

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