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Ideas from da Vinci, Einstein, & Steve Jobs worth teaching our children?

1. Curiosity- the most important thing If you see da Vinciā€™s sketches, you will see an exuberant & playful mind dancing across nature. He asks & answers 100s of charmingly random questions. Leonardo did not need to know these things to paint the Mona Lisa – it helped! 2. Create a reality distortion field When…
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Hacks to make your webinar stand out in a sea of webinars?

With Covid starting as a pandemic & on its way to becoming pandemic, and business rolling out work-from-home policies – it is the season of the webinar – and rightly so. Webinars are the best way to reach out to your B2B (and at times B2C) audience. Here are 3 things to consider while organizing…
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Why do SQLs go down despite soaring MQLs?

One question that every sales leader has to face now & then: why are marketing-generated leads numbers trending up but the real opportunities coming down? Some real & uncool reasons no one told you: 1) Someone downloading a well-produced infographics/cat video doesn’t a lead make. Ease of marketing automation & increased volume of marketing activities…
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