Why do SQLs go down despite soaring MQLs?

Why do SQLs go down despite soaring MQLs?

One question that every sales leader has to face now & then: why are marketing-generated leads numbers trending up but the real opportunities coming down?

Some real & uncool reasons no one told you:

1) Someone downloading a well-produced infographics/cat video doesn’t a lead make. Ease of marketing automation & increased volume of marketing activities doesn’t necessarily drive increased opportunities.

2) Who is guarding the hencoop – defining your SQLs & MQLs?
Is a vendor selling ‘committed’ MQLs doing the definition or is it a quota-carrying salesperson defining the SQL? Smart smarketeers have well-defined & pre-agreed definitions & governance to ensure that Ms. M & Mr. S are speaking ‘with’ not ‘to’ each other!

3) Face it – the customer might hate your interruptive sales but might still love your funny commercial. With increasingly cacophonous me-too undifferentiated vendors, even if you are doing brilliant marketing, at the end of the day if your new baby is not really 10X better than the competition it won’t sell!

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