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5 lifehacks for Founders and Marketers to generate buzz and PR with Zero budget

Here are 5 tried-and-tested lifehacks for founders and marketers to get the word going with no expenses involved: We are living in the sharing & DIY economy. How many of these tactics are you using? 1. Sign up to be a ‘source’ free of charge on Help a Reporter Out (HARO) – to get a…
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How should a CEO select the right CRM?

Do you really need a Salesforce/SAP/Oracle if you are hitting the coveted 100 crore turnover? Or would a Zoho/Hubspot /SugarCRM suffice? It may be shocking to know that CEOs of rapidly developing companies will be advised to go for the most expensive CRM solution just to be ‘future-ready’.If you are a CEO, do not get…
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How do Indian CEOs look at Social Selling?

3 key takeaways on how Indian CEOs look at Social Selling from my workshop “CEOs: Get Social” 1. CEOs need to address many stakeholders beyond the customer(s); employees, media, extended community, potential employees, peers & competition – & want to do that through Social Media. 2. A CEO can’t just afford to be a Superstar…
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CEOs Get Social Selling Event