How do Indian CEOs look at Social Selling?

How do Indian CEOs look at Social Selling?

3 key takeaways on how Indian CEOs look at Social Selling from my workshop “CEOs: Get Social”

1. CEOs need to address many stakeholders beyond the customer(s); employees, media, extended community, potential employees, peers & competition – & want to do that through Social Media.

2. A CEO can’t just afford to be a Superstar CEO who is only rallying the sales team. While Selling is very important for CEOs, their priorities are more towards holistic branding & communicating to all their constituents using Social.

3. All successful CEOs love to be cheerleaders to their sales-team; they love the challenge of showing the team how to get through to prospects. Never challenge a CEO to a sale! Though a CEO might never be using a LinkedIn Sales Navigator like a Sales person / marketeer – challenge them to it & they will be faster on the draw than anyone else!

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