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Top 5 takeaways – CEOs, get Social Selling!

The 5 most important takeaways on how CEOs should orchestrate their company in getting social selling right- from our first Social Selling Event: 1. Social Selling will revolutionise selling. 2. Social selling is NOT ‘selling on social media’. It is influencing prospects, building/ nurturing relationships socially, and then taking conversations to the real world. 3.…
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The hardest part of Social Selling

What is the hardest part of social selling? – It isn’t coming up with great content that resonates with your audience– It isn’t carrying out research to find the right companies and the right buyer personas– It isn’t making the first connect seem like it isn’t related to sales– It isn’t reading and responding to…
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How do Indian CEOs look at Social Selling?

3 key takeaways on how Indian CEOs look at Social Selling from my workshop “CEOs: Get Social” 1. CEOs need to address many stakeholders beyond the customer(s); employees, media, extended community, potential employees, peers & competition – & want to do that through Social Media. 2. A CEO can’t just afford to be a Superstar…
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