Top 5 takeaways – CEOs, get Social Selling!

Top 5 takeaways – CEOs, get Social Selling!

The 5 most important takeaways on how CEOs should orchestrate their company in getting social selling right- from our first Social Selling Event:

1. Social Selling will revolutionise selling.

2. Social selling is NOT ‘selling on social media’. It is influencing prospects, building/ nurturing relationships socially, and then taking conversations to the real world.

3. Here, there are 4 parallel journeys that move forward & criss-cross each other: the sales pipeline, the content influencing, the sales enablement, and the LinkedIn paths.

4. How to do Social Selling? Refer to the ‘LeadStrategus Social Selling Superstar’ crafted by combining the paths to climb the ladder of Social Selling success.

5. Execution and measuring impact are vital. The way companies measure & report Social Selling varies depending on their sales team size & tech landscape. So choose wisely!

This was the ‘shubharambh’ of our mission of taking the power of Smarketing to Indian corporates.

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