Self promotion

Here is why shameless self-promotional content is OK once in a while but not too often!
One of the most important rules of content that is often forgotten is the 70:20:10 rule.
-70% should be own Thought Leadership content
– 20% should be other’s content
– 10% – and not more – can be self-promotional content

Of course – all content should be usable, pithy and driving a message for your target audience to the extent possible.

What often happens is that either people forget the 10% limit of self-promotion and make most of their posts very promotional OR they forget to promote themselves at all!

Don’t post so much promotional content that people start avoiding you (or worse still un-following you!)

Don’t be a shrinking violet too! It’s alright to create a post with self-depreciating humour as this type of self-promotion can serve as a good laugh while simultaneously getting the message across!