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Inspiration from David Ogilvy to write good content that sells!

The legendary ad-man, David Ogilvy, went through a laborious 12 step process for his masterpieces. Here they are: 1) Never write content at a place with too many interruptions.2) Study the precedents & view all the past ads/content.3) Keep searching & researching for ‘motivational’ content.4) Pen down the problem & purpose of the campaign. Don’t…
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Why self promotional content is alright once in a while

Here is why shameless self-promotional content is OK once in a while but not too often!One of the most important rules of content that is often forgotten is the 70:20:10 rule. -70% should be own Thought Leadership content – 20% should be other’s content – 10% – and not more – can be self-promotional content…
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Helping your sales team move fast!

If you are a CEO/Marketeer/ new Sales Manager looking at helping your sales team – one of the most important things to do is to enable them to move fast! Sales is a contacts sport. The more qualified prospects a salesperson connects with 1-1 – other things being equal, higher are the chances of sales…
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