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Tips to get a successful virtual event outreach!

Is your marketing budget disappearing in events/webinars that generate ‘senior’ CXO meetings that never close? The best way for a B2B CMO to keep her stakeholders – the CEO/VP-Sales happy is by doing events (& webinars) where they get to pump the flesh of prospect CXOs. Today’s version of the event is the webinar. Typically,…
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SAAS Smarketing Best Practices

My lessons on sales+marketingย  for SAAS founders from multiple ongoing conversations: Cash in hand always beats future revenues. Discounting for cash- upfrontย  long-duration deals is the way to go. SEO isย  good-to- have.ย  Thought leadership content, hungry but non-pushyย  inside sales agents and a well- tuned sales process areย  necessary & sufficient. Social Selling is…
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What really works in B2B Sales & Marketing?

The amount of literature available & discussions on effective sales & marketing is mind-boggling. Someone says cold calling doesn’t work; someone says it works; someone says SEO is dead; someone says its alive. There are as many discussions as many people. Mid-week morning philosophy: Debates on what works inย  B2B sales & marketing will never…
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