Six social selling truths you should know!

Six social selling truths you should know!

We are all in Inside Sales today. How do you succeed in selling now?

1) Understand the new age conferences & VIP rooms where buyers are talking- Linkedin, private Whatsapp groups & G2/Capterras

2) Are your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp Business profile & company Pictures professionals? Elevate your brand so buyers can find you.

3) Bulk information has been made available to buyers through Open Source Intelligence.

4) Are you researching your network? The network where the puck is going to be & not where it was. Are you networking with 20 something tomorrow’s decision-makers?

5) The ‘art of the woo’ is about commanding attention through enchantment + service + demonstrating expertise. Messaging is a fine art & is irreplaceable by algorithms!

6) Which metrics are you considering? Only vanity metrics, only closure metrics, or a mix of both?

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