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Six social selling truths you should know!

We are all in Inside Sales today. How do you succeed in selling now? 1) Understand the new age conferences & VIP rooms where buyers are talking- Linkedin, private Whatsapp groups & G2/Capterras 2) Are your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp Business profile & company Pictures professionals? Elevate your brand so buyers can find you.…
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How to get started with Social Selling

Some of the fastest growing B2B companies in India are building their entire pipeline through LinkedIn. What’s your excuse if you are in B2B sales whose buyers are on LinkedIn – and you are NOT into social selling? Here’s how to get started: 1. Create content that you feel excited to write about. It should…
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The Golden Rules of Social Selling

How can you conquer the art of Social Selling?Here are a few golden rules:1) Compliment your prospect’s post before you like it2) Like your prospect’s post before you connect with them3) Connect with well researched and highly personalised messages only4) Provide some sort of help before you ask for business Keeping these few rules in…
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CEOs Get Social Selling Event


Social Media Marketing is like a relay race

Dr. Aniruddha Malpani asked about the efficacy of Social Media┬á Marketing in a post. I posted the answer there – but am putting that here for wider circulation: I was skeptic about Social Media Marketing before I made it work. Its OK to begin with doubt so that you can end with confidence! Its a…
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