Tactics for sales teams to bridge the knowing-doing gap

Tactics for sales teams to bridge the knowing-doing gap

Is your sales team struggling with ‘water water everywhere not a drop to drink’ – when it comes to having actionable intelligence & contextual conversation with prospects?

Here’s how your sales team can navigate easily through an era where 360-degree prospect research is vital for sales success:

1. Sales-persons should read daily.
They can flick through ET CIO, Zerodha Finshots, McKinsey Insights. Leaders could also initiate a monthly sales book club – where you get them to read their book & talk about its applicability to their work.

2. Not all sales research needs to be done by Sales.
Ensure that you have well-drafted Sales FAQs, Customer Buyer Journeys, Customer day in the life, Competitive battle cards made available & digested for sales teams.

3. We live in a ‘tool-ified’ world.
There are hundreds of freemium SAAS sales tools that can materially improve your discovery, intelligence & conversation with prospects. If you are not using LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Bombora, BuiltWith, you might be missing out a lot.

Research could be the most underrated room in the house for improvement for your sales team.
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