Differentiating B2B services in a crowded market

Differentiating B2B services in a crowded market

How do you differentiate your B2B Services in a crowded maturing market?

If you have already been sharpening your USP, carried out your STP exercises, attended design thinking workshops and are still not making any progress, perhaps it is time you changed the goalposts. You can try attacking customer experience! CX comes from the B2C world but today many customer-centric companies outmaneuver cheaper services providers by providing a tangibly better CX.

Here’s how to make it work:
A) In B2B, users, decision makers and influencers are often different people and have different objectives. Sales traditionally manage decision makers; marketing manages influencers – but you need a new customer success focus with help from Marketing to share love with users & drive usage!

B) Improve the experience incrementally. Map out a customer life cycle journey by drawing out all the customer players involved in buying/consuming your service – and map a path for them.

C) Lastly, work on your net promoter score. Redesign all customer touch points – process, tools, employee mindsets and performance management for enhancing NPS.

This is transformational – isn’t easy – but if nothing else works, it is the only way.

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