10 Pointers for a Newly Minted Salesperson

10 Pointers for a Newly Minted Salesperson

Here are 10 pointers for a newly minted salesperson which will help you get over the initial hurdles of sales:
1. Respect yourself. Don’t beg, oversell or sell short – however high the pressure may be.

2. It is okay to have self-doubts – but try and fake confidence a bit – soon it becomes real.

3. Know, learn & share learning. Read everything available. Ask questions. Write FAQs for every question that comes to your mind & share it with your colleagues.

4. Personalise your pitch. Understand your prospect and their likely use-case. Talk about their interests and not your interests.

5. Intrigue the customer to talk with you rather than trying to cram your pitch in 20 seconds. Begin by asking, ‘Have I got you at a good time?’ in the most confident voice you can muster.

6. While using LinkedIn to sell – always share something of relevance first. Never pitch immediately after connecting.

7. Dress well, stay healthy, feel good. Your attitude drives your altitude. Positive affirmation helps!

8. Certain times are golden hours for response. Make use of them for maximum gains.

9. Over prepare. Never sell without role-playing.

10. Be an Amex credit card seller. If you can’t – be a relaxed SBI card seller. Don’t sell a credit card the way 50 other banks sell them.

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