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Why should sales leaders stop searching for ‘fire in the belly salespersons’?

Every sales leader loves looking for that ‘fire in the belly salespersons’ (FIBS). Unfortunately, FIBS is often a lazy substitute for not building a great product that is differentiated well, marketed well but to be magically sold so well that it rakes in all the revenues in spite of the product-market mismatch or past ku-karma.…
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10 Pointers for a Newly Minted Salesperson

Here are 10 pointers for a newly minted salesperson which will help you get over the initial hurdles of sales:1. Respect yourself. Don’t beg, oversell or sell short – however high the pressure may be. 2. It is okay to have self-doubts – but try and fake confidence a bit – soon it becomes real.…
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Sales Planning: how should a Salesperson welcome the financial new year?

Welcome to the first day of the financial year! For may Indian companies & companies across other countries in the world, the financial new year begins on 1st April 2018. For a salesperson it means recovering from the hard-driving ‘close at all cost’ stressful days of the last few weeks. Sales planning is key. Here’s…
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