Time to apply #Vipassana in #Sales?

Time to apply #Vipassana in #Sales?

Sales require a lot of reaching out. This entails a lot of rejection. One of the biggest reasons sales is difficult is the difficulty in dealing with the constant 90%+ rejection we receive when we reach out – and hate/slacken our cold calling & reaching outs.

Here’s where Vipassana comes in:

The two biggest tenets of Vipassana are self-awareness and controlling one’s reaction to external stimulus. If you know how you are feeling at the moment; and know historically how you react to external stimuli; and create a template to respond – and not react – you succeed. Vipassana training teaches you to understand your breath (and thoughts). Your mind becomes still while in action, and you respond to external stimulus naturally using consciousness, thoughts & actions – responding and not reacting.
Imagine how superior you could be in sales if you take feedback from a rejection – but not let them stop your cold-calling & follow-ups?
Sales leaders, maybe it is time to do the sales kickoffs at monasteries!

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