SAAS Smarketing Best Practices

My lessons on sales+marketing  for SAAS founders from multiple ongoing conversations:

  1. Cash in hand always beats future revenues. Discounting for cash- upfront  long-duration deals is the way to go.
  2. SEO is  good-to- have.  Thought leadership content, hungry but non-pushy  inside sales agents and a well- tuned sales process are  necessary & sufficient. Social Selling is even better.
  3. Growth hacking takes multiple forms. Consider creating  self-service easy-to-use products/services that demonstrate your  difference without a prospect needing to pay.
  4. Responding to inbound queries within 3 minutes is a competitive advantage but for outbound, you have to go slow and avoid being a pest.
  5. What you avoid is as important as what you do. Vanity startup  networking  is best avoided. Go where your customers hang out

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