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Tips to succeed in Accounts-based Marketing

Here are some tips to make your Account Based Marketing work (and no – you don’t need any fancy ABM software for that)! In Large Account Selling – ABM is the golden key that opens the revenue vault. Here is our take on how you can succeed in ABM:1. If LinkedIn is not front and…
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How to make a pitch memorable

Dale Carnegie said something on these lines: ‘the person you are pitching to doesn’t even have 1% of his mind occupied by your pitch the second after she/he has met you’. She/he has his job to keep, her stakeholders to please, and his family to get back to. Here is our take on how you…
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3 tips to ensure you are chasing the right prospects

More than 2/3rd of a salesperson’s time goes in follow-ups. Selecting the right prospect to go after is vital. Going too mass-market will result in you chasing buyers without budget or authority; going too narrow will entail you chasing ET 500 CIOs who already have 100s of vendors behind their backs! How can you decide…
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