3 tips to ensure you are chasing the right prospects

3 tips to ensure you are chasing the right prospects

More than 2/3rd of a salesperson’s time goes in follow-ups. Selecting the right prospect to go after is vital. Going too mass-market will result in you chasing buyers without budget or authority; going too narrow will entail you chasing ET 500 CIOs who already have 100s of vendors behind their backs!

How can you decide on the right mix?
1.Revisit your product-market fit: If you are selling SAAS and your sales process requires lots of handholding & confidential customer data sharing, you are in the IT Services business not the SAAS business. Don’t sell your SAAS as an SAAS – sell it as IT Services.

2.Make your STP strategies real: Rework your Segmentation-Targeting-Positioning keeping in mind the real competitive dynamics in your account. Planning is usually oblivious to the competition in your accounts.

3.Horses for courses: Most of us start too high or choose the most obvious targets. Does an ET 500 CIO really need to be chased for selling a 50$ Supply Chain add-on? Many a times the user – ‘the person with the pain’ is the most overlooked designation in selling.

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