How to enable Social Selling in your Sales Org.?

Framework Summary

Are you convinced that Social Selling is the way to go - and want your entire sales team upto speed &  enabled in Social Selling? Some ideas & a basic framework to enable Social Selling in your sales organisation:

  1. Understand 4 stages of Social Selling journey at a personal level: Beginner => Professional => Extrovert => Content Thought leader => Maestro – and become the maestro yourself.
  2. Understand how the 4 stages of Social Selling impact the core sales processes: CRM & automation, Content, CPQ, Outreach + influence + progress, intelligence, measurement.
  3. Draw out new sales processes to reflect the changes – keeping measurement & KPIs at the core.
  4. Offer training & mentoring to teach the sales team. Or better still gamify the experience.
  5. Integrate at the end using technology. Remember tech. flows should support business processes – not the other way round!


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Enabling Social Selling


 Slideshare deck explaining why & how of  enabling Social Selling 

Enabling Social Selling - Why? How 10 Lessons?


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