Six dimensions of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful sales & marketing tool crafted since the telephone. It works in 6 dimensions. Learn how to maximize all!

1) DATABASE: Contact + prospect database

2) MESSAGING: Never missed with timestamp 1-1, 1-many messaging

3) PUBLISHING: Publishing platform with 100% targeting

4) INTELLI: Ultimate market, prospect & competitive insights platform

5) CONNECT & PIPELINE BUILD: Discover, connect & engage with 45 Million Indians – 1/10th of WW LinkedIn population

6) AUTOMATION: Still evolving CRM+ Smarketing automation platform

Any other ways I’m missing out? This is extracted from a webinar I did for LeadSquared#howtobeasocialsellingsuperstar #poweroflinkedin  #LinkedINtips #LeadStrategusWorkshops

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