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Generating a Sales Pipeline from Social Media was never easy

The path of generating a sales pipeline from Social Media was never easy. There are 6 things you need to do to get Social Selling to work: 1) Research and do your Account Based Marketing2) Like /comment/ share sincerely before connecting3) Send highly personalised connection requests4) Start sharing content that the prospect can use5) Like/comment/share…
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Six dimensions of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful sales & marketing tool crafted since the telephone. It works in 6 dimensions. Learn how to maximize all! 1) DATABASE: Contact + prospect database 2) MESSAGING: Never missed with timestamp 1-1, 1-many messaging 3) PUBLISHING: Publishing platform with 100% targeting 4) INTELLI: Ultimate market, prospect & competitive insights platform…
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10 Steps to take CHARGE of your Sales Pipeline thru Social Selling

Sales pipeline weak? Leads not converting? Waiting for high quality leads that never come? Don’t WAIT! Be a Swami Vivekananda – drink the ocean – take charge of your destiny by taking charge of your sales funnel!  Do a social selling blitz. Here’s how to do it: Revisit your STP – your Segments, your Targets…
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