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How to get your Product Go To Market right!

How to get your Product Go To Market  swift & right! My top 10 tips from an impressive article by Alok Soni at YourStory Media: Developing a product to solve your real life problem is still the best epiphany. Spending more time on conceptual solutioning  is better than quick launch & trying to sell – a…
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What should SME Founders include in Marketing Planning?

Many SME founders have their worldview limited to Website, SEO, & Email when they think about planning for Marketing. That’s a pity. Marketing is much more than Digital Marketing. And Digital Marketing is much more than the tactics of SEO, Website, & Email! When planning for Marketing for our clients – we at LeadStrategus insist…
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How to prioritize features in a SAAS product?

The biggest challenge thatSAAS software creators face – after getting customer need(s) right & selling – is design. Beyond the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – what features does one  keep & leave out to make a ‘whole product ‘ appeal to a large number of users. The answer? Create a product like a Russian matryosha…
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