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How to ‘get a meeting’ with anyone on LinkedIn – tricks to increase your odds 4X!

Startup sales enthusiasts are hell-bent on trying to connect with a Fortune 500 CXO to sell. Here is some advice from the LeadStrategus’s get meeting manual: 1. You don’t need to chase the biggest! Find accounts that are buying your category. Using LinkedIn Insights & a bit of analytics pixie dust you can find them.…
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Traditional power networks are dead – are you exploiting it yet?

Now is the time to be a young jobseeker, entrepreneur & activist! Traditional power structures & patronage networks based on affinity, language, region never had it so bad! The biggest power of LinkedIn + Twitter & Customer Response technology is dis-intermediation of  traditional power network –  dis-intermediation of  networking itself! Go back 5 /10/15 years …
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