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How to reject customers without hurting their ego

One of the most ticklish yet interesting moments in sales is to have to tell a prospect – “Sorry – we don’t see you being able to buy our product – and we don’t want to waste our time pursuing the sale with you.” Do it literally & you have a prospect who is an…
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Some counter-intuitive customer-centricity lessons from Zerodha

Some counterintuitive customer-centricity lessons from Zerodha – the Bangalore headquartered retail broker that has embarrassed many ‘Bombaiya’ brokers:  Zerodha claims that no employee carries a revenue target. Targets are good but lead to pressure & bad behaviour (read that as mis-selling). Happy non-pressurised well-supervised salesmen sell more! If you call their customer service number you…
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What is the biggest must-avoid trait of a sales-person?

What is the biggest must-avoid trait of a sales-person? You may be unimpressive,┬ámay not understand customer needs, communicate poorly. You may still survive in sales.But there is one thing that will spell doom for your sales career. It comes in three alphabets – EGO. PRINCIPLE 1: The prospect is allowed to hurt your ego –…
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