How to keep your salespersons honest?

How to keep your salespersons honest?

How to keep your salespersons honest?
A common opinion that is prevalent among CEOs is that all salespeople are dishonest by nature.
However, this is a misconception. It all depends on the traits that the salesperson was hired for, and the sales process itself (whether it encourages dishonesty or discourages it).

A salesperson’s honesty is not innate – it comes from the organisation they work for.
Here are some of the questions to ponder on:

1. What is the organisation’s culture like? Does it encourage absolute integrity at all levels? How does it encourage/discourage abusive behaviour from bosses?

2. How is the sales process designed? Is the culture indifferent towards how a salesperson achieves their numbers? Or does it inculcate a tried-and-tested process that drives them to accomplish their goals? Does the organisation have sales systems and tools track efforts and behaviour?

3. How are efforts and results recognised? If a salesperson sticks to the books and follows the process only to fall short on their numbers, will they still be tolerated?
Creating the process can help salespersons use effective and honest means to achieve their numbers.

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