How do you go about establishing trust with buyers?

Ankur Chaudhary asked an awesome question on LinkedIn – How do you go about establishing trust with buyers?

It’s difficult but possible. You need to do three things to reach there:

  1. First, you get your product-market fit right.
  2. Second, you build features in your solution that stand out & are difficult to replicate.
  3. Third, you become an ‘honest thought leader + challenger salesperson focused only on creating real value for your customers’.

Here’s how:

  • Don’t spam every prospect. Find out the prospect who is most likely to be interested.
  • Have a honest-to-goodness talk with them. Your questions make them think. They tell you what’s working & what’s not, their struggles. They know that you understand their pain.  They get in the ‘flow state’.
  • And now answer the billion dollar question – ‘can you offer real value’ to your customers? Walk off if you can’t. This is the most difficult & critical step. You now turn from a wannabe seller to an HONEST ENCHANTER. Make no mistake – we are talking about lots of work & combining three different personality types to reach here but it can be done. Doesn’t work most of the times but when it happens – it’s a beautiful moment – and what’s more you made a friend for life!

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