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6 unconventional tips to get the maximum leads out of an event:

Nothing gets the adrenalin flowing more than organising a good event that generates million-dollar opportunities for a B2B. The highs are very high & lows are quite low! Here are some tips on how to maximise success with an event: 1. Agenda drives speakers which drives attendance. Don’t waste too much effort on food and…
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Some counterintuitive customer-centric lessons from Zerodha

Some counterintuitive customer-centric lessons from Zerodha – the Bengaluru-based retail broker that has embarrassed many ‘Bombaiya’ brokers: 1. Zerodha claims that no employee carries a revenue target. Targets are good but they lead to pressure and disruptive behaviour (read that as mis-selling). Happy, non-pressurised and well-supervised salesmen sell more! 2. If you call their customer…
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Finding your Rocket Singh(good startup salespersons)!

CEOs are unanimous that finding & managing good salespersons is one of their biggest challenges. You need a person with extraordinary motivation, persistence & discipline; an ability to understand & explain its stuff; superlative research skills & even bigger influencing skills – and that’s not enough! They can never be born – you have to…
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