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How to keep your salesperson honest!

I was talking with a CEO who said that ‘all salespeople by nature are dishonest – <a choicest Hindi abuse>’. I winced. I told him, Not necessarily. It depends on the traits you hired for & the sales process you have that encourage or discourage honesty. A salesperson’s ‘honesty’ is not just innate – it…
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Why Digital Transformation is not working and my two cents on how to make it work!

HBR recently carried a provocative article ‘Why So Many High Profile Digital Transformations Fail’ talking about the digital transformation initiatives at GE, Lego, P&G, Nike, & Ford and why  (in their opinion ) the initiatives didn’t work.  The reasons they outlined: Digital Transformation shouldn’t be the last straw of a disrupted firm/industry – extraneous factors…
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