Is there a ‘Right’ time to drop opportunities?

Is there a ‘Right’ time to drop opportunities?

Salespersons are always taught to accelerate and maximize opportunities. Does it ever make sense to slow down, take a step back and drop opportunities?
In some exceptional circumstances, the answer could be – YES.
However, there must be a concrete reason for this. Here’s when you can consider dropping opportunities:

1. It shouldn’t be simply because you met your quota for the year.

2. You know that your delivery quality will suffer if you sign up & start delivering now.

3. Opportunities where customers will not be able to pay you for your efforts, OR you know you will not be able to deliver customer satisfaction.

4. Opportunities where customers are wasting your time or are using you to learn from you without any intention of doing business with you.

There are numerous other scenarios where dropping an opportunity could be the best way forward.

At the end of the day, opportunities are like soap-bubbles floating languidly in the air – they may seem lustrous and full of promise, but then they end up getting busted, leaving nothing but soap water behind.

Only 1/Xth of them will convert. Focus your energy on the right opportunities!