Miles Veth kicked up a storm in the sales community by claiming to do just that and getting 2 opportunities & 50 conversations out of that. Conventionally speaking – without preparing & understanding customer buying cycle  – you are being a ‘spray & pray’ credit card salesman, if you dont plan your calls & have sustained follow-ups. Unconventionally speaking – this approach of continuous sustained calling teaches you to focus and builds the ‘resilience muscle’ – the most important muscle in sales. I believe that there are 4 key sales approaches –  warm call only; social selling only; cold call +research  & this ‘cold call without research’. IMHO lets not be overly prescriptive – let sales leaders /sellers select that approach that works best with their personality, their customer buying cycle, & their category. Paraphrasing Lord Buddha ‘dont follow it because I said it. Follow it only if it agrees with your experience & environment’. 😉 My key takeaway – do different sales approaches as experiments – particularly if they are reversible & don’t take too much of resources – even if they fly in the face of conventional logic. Thanks to Gaetano Nino DiNardi for bringing this out!