Day: 17 December 2021

Inspiration from David Ogilvy to write good content that sells!

The legendary ad-man, David Ogilvy, went through a laborious 12 step process for his masterpieces. Here they are: 1) Never write content at a place with too many interruptions.2) Study the precedents & view all the past ads/content.3) Keep searching & researching for ‘motivational’ content.4) Pen down the problem & purpose of the campaign. Don’t…
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Tips to get a successful virtual event outreach!

Is your marketing budget disappearing in events/webinars that generate ‘senior’ CXO meetings that never close? The best way for a B2B CMO to keep her stakeholders – the CEO/VP-Sales happy is by doing events (& webinars) where they get to pump the flesh of prospect CXOs. Today’s version of the event is the webinar. Typically,…
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Six social selling truths you should know!

We are all in Inside Sales today. How do you succeed in selling now? 1) Understand the new age conferences & VIP rooms where buyers are talking- Linkedin, private Whatsapp groups & G2/Capterras 2) Are your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter & WhatsApp Business profile & company Pictures professionals? Elevate your brand so buyers can find you.…
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