Day: 16 December 2021

Why do SQLs go down despite soaring MQLs?

One question that every sales leader has to face now & then: why are marketing-generated leads numbers trending up but the real opportunities coming down? Some real & uncool reasons no one told you: 1) Someone downloading a well-produced infographics/cat video doesn’t a lead make. Ease of marketing automation & increased volume of marketing activities…
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What is true entrepreneurship?

Many celebrate “entrepreneurship as jumping off a cliff & assembling the plane on the way down”. Bollocks! Maybe that’s Russian Roulette or a Kamikaze mission – but that’s definitely NOT entrepreneurship! Today’s impressionable teenagers think ‘taking unnecessary risks’ is entrepreneurship.Here are some thoughts: 1) Understanding the passion early & having the guts to chase it…
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Lessons from the struggles of a self-made billionaire: Howard Schultz, former CEO and chairman of Starbucks

The elegantly suited, smart-talking, Caucasoid American CEOs giving perfect speeches seem to be so lucky & privileged. Isn’t it? However, nothing is further from the truth. People often tend to ignore their struggles. The true story of Howard Schultz, his stories & his journey to success: 1) He was born in 1 bedroom public housing…
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